West Virginians for Life ENDORSED Jason Stephens for WV STATE SENATE District 7

  • 2nd Amendment, Pro-Life, Christian Values Stephens WV Senate District 7

    We will fight Hard for WV Families,  HELPING Working people is our main goal and STOP FUNDED ABORTIONS. #stopwvabortions 



    WV can be an Awesome place to live and work.

    2nd Amendment

    I believe if we don't take our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS very seriously they will be taken. Groups and Lobbyist move every year to make one little law or ban, Next year they will do again, Before we know it our rights have been taken. I will Stand Firm to keep our Hunters and Citizens that carry,  safe from Liberals trying too change our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.


    I 100% Stand Against Abortions, It's MURDER!!!  I would have VOTED AGAINST (SB-10) 2016 to" DISMEMBER FETUS" During ABORTION. Our current Sen. Stollings voted in FAVOR of this BILL. THIS IS TOTALLY DISGUSTING. I can't Believe a human could vote for this. This kind of reckless voting doesn't represent our DISTRICT OR STATE. HE MUST GO!!!



    I will work tirelessly to put our DISTRICT and STATE back to work. I would form a Delegation of Political and Business Leaders and Travel Abroad selling WV's HARD WORKING citizens,  and WV's NATURAL RESOURCES while Bringing High Paying Jobs Back to the State.


    Let me know how you feel!! We can do this together as a team. Win!! Win!!


    We must and will make Homeschooling easier for WV families. I was homeschooled for 2 years, it was a great learning process. Also if you live in a particular district I will propose legislation that your child can play public school activities. You are a taxpayer also.


    We all have to live by a budget. We must get the waste, and there is a bunch, out of our State's Budget.  If we promote our State,  sell our people and natural resources, we will soar!! WV has much potential and we must get on track to take advantage of it. We have to make WV more Business friendly. Too much taxes on our business community,  holding them back from hiring or expanding. We must take this very seriously. WV doesn't have to be 49th no longer. I'm ashamed of this BC we are so much better than 49th.

    I know what it's like to pay your electric bill

    Jason's Southern WV Beliefs

    Jason has been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place. Jason believes working people have to have a equal playing field with taxes and salaries, good paying jobs.  He also will travel to sell WV Coal to put as many miners back to work as possible. Also get people prepared for Natural Gas jobs. Help all STATE employees with pay raises and insurance premiums.

    Primary opponent Endorses Jason

    Jason Stephens knows the value of being connected. That's why he's running for this position. Help him  help you. Jason will never VOTE for a Bill just because a Lobbyist wined and dined them. Ron Stollings did just that and voted to "DISMEMBER a FETUS " during ABORTION. Jason Stephens Will fight that strongly. Jason can't believe our Senator VOTED for that. Stephens WV Senate District 7 republican

    We really need your Donations

    This is to uphold our 2nd Amendment rights, Stop votes to DISMEMBER A FETUS, Bring our Southern WV Economy back!!!

    HELP the Campaign

    I NEED YOUR HELP!!  Winning takes lots of work and money, I'm WORKING hard and need your HELP funding all the advertising to take out the most Liberal Senator in the STATE OF WV and it's our DISTRICT 7.

    Your Help and DONATION is appreciated and will not be forgotten.   GOD BLESS

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    My Blog

    Southern WV friends, I feel we need big changes to our district and state, with your help we will put Coal miners back to work while our natural gas industry thrives. Please contact me to get involved. Thank you Jason